Why Stamps.com?

Trusted by the world’s best brands

With Stamps.com, you’re choosing a company with a reputation for innovation and integrity in the shipping industry. When Amazon.com was searching for a company to provide USPS shipping services for its customers, who did they choose? Stamps.com. When QuickBooks was looking to integrate USPS services into its popular Shipping Manager application, where did they turn? Stamps.com. The list goes on… Microsoft, HP, Avery, Intuit, Adobe, Corel, NCR, Kodak, Citrix and Vendio. Rest assured, when you work with Stamps.com, you’re in very good company.

A history of unsurpassed innovation and reliability

For over a decade, Stamps.com has taken the power and convenience of Internet technology and transformed it into effective, easy-to-use products that make mailing and shipping simple. Since 1999, over 2.5 billion postage transactions have been completed by Stamps.com customers. More than 500,000 customers use our award-winning products, making it the leading Internet-based postage solution in the United States.

Strategic partner of the United States Postal Service

Stamps.com and the USPS have been working together since 1999 to make mailing and shipping easier and more efficient for companies of all sizes. The USPS relies on Stamps.com to provide innovative technology solutions for their customers. In face, Stamps.com is the company that supplies the technology that runs the online shipping service for USPS.com. Since our partnership began with the USPS, Stamps.com has been able to advance postal technology in ways never though possible a decade ago. Mail security. Address accuracy. Privacy. Business mail support. The list goes on and on. In fact, Stamps.com holds 150 patents, and has over 50 patent applications pending – an unrivaled portfolio of PC Postage technology.

Article courtesy of Stamps.com. For more information about Stamps.com please visit their website at http://www.stamps.com.

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